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The world of tattoos and piercings have always fascinated me and at the beginning especially the latter. My adventure began in 2000, taking the first steps in this world as a piercer. The road was hard, practice, practice and practice… on me, on friends, on every single person that I could pierce. At first it was very difficult but soon I became a competent professional and appreciated piercer. Although working in Vicenza my client has expanded to all the north of Italy and this is the thing that gave me satisfaction. Be appreciated outside my own city has been a source of stimulus to improve more and more, to provide my clients the best attention and an increasingly professional service. And still is today … when I work with my clients (clienti di sempre) or when I receive requests from Milan, Bologna and Treviso. Working with tattoo artists I started slowly to approach even to the world of tattoos, and it was love again. I discovered another passion inside me and I began another time of sacrifices and experimentation, learning from more established artists and seeking improvement and perfection. My style and my research are oriented on blackwork, geometric tattoos, dotwork but especially to the tribal culture, Polynesian, Samoan or Marquis. These are the works that I prefer and that give me the greatest satisfaction.

In 2013 Claudia, artist with whom I was already working, and I decided to take the plunge and open our studio. Our personalities complement each other as well as our styles and our works.At the beginning it was pretty hard, but today we are proud of how during the years our job and studio locally succeded, always hosting great artists with their different styles from all over the country. I can safely say that the secret of it all is the passion. As in any job, if you’re driven by the love for what you do the results are always good.