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I have always been a creative person, curious and art lover, but it all started with my first tattoo done when i was 18. From that time I started to being more and more interested in the world of tattoos, their origin, their history, until I decided to buy my first tattoo machine and try to become part of this great family. It was a trip … and still is today ..in every way. The beginning I thought it was rather hard, but I realized only after how was necessary and essential. Practice, lots of practice and continuous experimentation. Patience, perseverance and sacrifice but in the end my efforts were rewarded. I opened my own studio in Milan, where I had the honor to work with a talented group of guys as passionate as me. There were full days of work, and nights full of draws, commenting on our works, comparing and looking the works of greatest artists for getting inspired and to improve our technique. I decided to move to Berlin because I wanted to meet new people and discover new environements but mainly to satisfy my curiosity and my desire to improve, always. This is not just a job but a lifestyle, that allows me to live doing what i most love.